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Launched: July 1, 2014
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Who Needs GlassWow™?

  1. Do you hate cleaning glass?
  2. Do you use coatings to protect paint, chrome, shiny plastics, or wheels?
  3. Do you want to clean shiny surfaces included LCD screens, NAV screens, glasses, household fixtures and mirrors faster than ever before with less effort?
GlassWow , finally the streak free glass cleaner that isn’t 99% technique and 1% product.  If you hate cleaning glass, GlassWow is for you.  Created by the makers of BlackWow Pro, two years in the making, GlassWow improves upon the alcohol/water solution by making it perform better and easier.  GlassWow is safe on tint and works on all surfaces including paint.  Formerly known as SlipperyIPA and PreCoat, GlassWow was originally designed to clean paint before coatings by leaving a super clean, grabby surface.  Great to prep before coating any surface or just cleaning windows or LCD screens faster and easier than ever before.

GlassWow was originally created for cleaning paint as an IPA solution. It was coined the name "PreCoat" by my friend Kevin Brown who based it off the idea of PreWow of "before Wow" or "before Coating". Before it was called PreCoat, it was internally known as "SlipperyIPA" because it describes simply what the product does. The purpose of the product was to enable detailers that are using IPA (Isopropyl & Water) wipedowns do it better and more effectively and the best way to learn how to use it was on glass. Unexpectedly it was discovered it had unheard of cleaning ability on glass and steps were taken to maximize that. Although initially the concept was to create a gel concentrate that the end user would blend and mix to allow full customization, it proved to be complicated and unreliable, and "GlassWow" was born as a ready to use product.
Richard we have a problem... I'm out of the glass cleaner! Please let me know when it's ready for sale. Totally sold on it.
Robert Wagner
Let me tell you that I'm in love with the window cleaner. We did 67 washes and mini details this week and all we used was this window cleaner we still have just under half a (16oz) bottle left.
Henry Diaz
BTW..Got my sample a couple days after you asked if i wanted one. LOVE IT! Streaks!? What streaks?!? Can't wait to order some.
Derek Gutierrez
Thanks for the sampler today, Gillian and Richard Lin! Maybe the twins helped me get some?! It works great! Finally, a streakless cleaner!
Steve Shin
Btw.. You HAVE to write a sticky and let me know when gw comes out. Best stuff hands down. My wife even used it and was blown away. Sticky note on your computer... Remind Cody... Glass wow is available lol. Absolutely destroyed adams.. And some industrial stuff i have from work. It was bad ass.
Cody Sanborn
My clean up kid/helper was doing some windows on a smokers car last night. And he ran into the office to tell me that the new cleaner messed up a window in this car. So I went out to take a look and basically he wasn't used to seeing a window get that clean that fast. Sounds dumb i know, but it lifted the tar film right off the window and it freaked him out. That was cleaning a 3 inch by 3 inch section of the quarter glass. The tar was so thick it looked like we removed tint or something. So I’m Sold..Again
Robert Wagner
Used this yesterday on mirrors in one bathroom , vanity mirror, tv & iPad. Wow, this is really great. Doesn't leave a cloudy residue. Gives the glass a nice shine & doesn't streak! Don't know how you did this Rick but it is great. How much are you selling this for? I need a 50 gallon vat!!! I am anxious to see how it lasts in the long run. Some glass cleaners clean, look good for a few days then get cloudy & dull looking. Thanks so much for letting me try it.
D. Spires

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