• How far does a 16oz bottle go?
    It takes about 1oz to do an entire Avalanche including the tonneau cover, front and rear bumpers, side cladding.  Doing the math, you should be able to do 12 to 16 Avalanches with a single bottle.  It takes approximately 45min to 1.5 hours to apply the product with multiple coats to an Avalanche.

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  • What are the key features that make BlackWow Pro stand out?
  • How durable is BlackWow Pro?
  • If the BlackWow Pro is so good, why continue to sell BlackWow Classic?
    BWP was designed with the professional in mind. Big bottle, fast absorption, fast results, matte or satin finish, great on all materials including vinyl wraps, vinyl trim, plastic, rubber, and painted surfaces.  However it costs $70 and for anyone not making money with detailing, it can seem very expensive.  Although from a cost per ounce standpoint, at $30 for 4oz of BlackWow Classic, a 16oz version be $120 (4x$30) and Pro is only $70. So in other words, the original 2oz and 4oz bottles of BlackWow are perfect for the consumer and part time enthusiast detailer and Pro is perfect for everyone else.

    BlackWow Classic is also great for maintaining BWP.  Let’s say you own a car with lots of plastic and hire a detailer to clean it up and he uses BlackWow Pro on it.  You can continue to maintain or touch it up with BlackWow Classic if desired.
  • How does it work?
    When BlackWow Classic was first launched in 2007, the idea of "hydrating" and "products-absorbing" into materials wasn't common.  Most products sit on the surface for various reasons.  Black Wow actually absorbed into plastics and stayed there for many months but the time it took to absorb is measured in days or weeks.  Detailers don't usually have the luxury of seeing if the trim will fully absorb the product over several days and reapply.  Thus it was imperative to create a product that would absorb in seconds or minutes.  We started from the ground up with new silicones with very different properties.  We desired a matte or satin finish that absorbed in seconds and allowed us to reach saturation very quickly.  We also didn’t want to artificially color the plastics or be limited to only grey or black plastics.  By saturating the plastics, we restore the natural color for a long period without the negative effects of paints, dyes, or coatings that can flake or chip off over time or require extensive prep or special safety precautions.

    We made these samples for SEMA 2013 using opaque white bottles.  After 1 month, the bottles were looking a little pink.  After 3 more months, the bottles were actually red which shows that BWP is permeating the plastics and doing it’s job to soak in and absorb in to the plastic.
  • First off, what is BlackWow Pro?
    BWP is a silicone based trim restorer that was created by a detailer for detailers that truly redefines how silicone products behave and perform.  Most silicone products are either sticky, shiny, or slippery.  BWP is none of these.  Silicones are fantastic for restoring trim because they are extremely stable, resistant to water, temperature, and sunlight.  However most people associate silicone with plastic dressings that are shiny or attract dust.  Even the BlackWow Classic was a little shiny before it’s first wash, but it needed time to absorb so we advised people to apply it, let it soak for a week, then give it a nice wash.  While BlackWow Pro isn’t slippery, it is still silicone based and not recommended on any driving control surfaces or areas that might be walked or stepped on.