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I just want to let you know what a great job you guys did. The car looks great. The plastic on my old white M3 looks like new too. Thanks again.
Carbon Black M3 Owner
Although BlackWow started in 2005 as an idea to restore faded plastics on MINI Coopers, we began as a detail shop striving to always provide the best, no compromise service with the goal to perfect paint and teach customers how to maintain it. Because of our detailing experience and desire to use and produce the best performing products in the industry, we were able to create a product that worked like no other and continue to perfect application techniques over the years to achieve the best possible and most consistent results. BlackWow is a line of products invented by a highly respected professional detailer and his father. Along with his wife, they are a California corporation, Detailing Innovations, Inc.. All products are made and filled in California.
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BlackWow Classic was the unofficial winner because we weren't an advertiser.

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