A product conceived by showcar detailer, Richard Lin, aka OctaneGuy and formulated by his father, a world renowned award winning scientist.

Designed for any color exterior plastic such as on the MINI Cooper, Honda Element, Jeep Cherokee, Toyota Tacoma, Volvo, and others, this gel will restore your trims natural color without the use of dyes or colorants and provides a rich, long lasting look (measured in months), proven by the water beading action. Even brand new trim will see noticeable improvements on the first application.

Black Wow Classic is available in two sizes 2oz. and 4oz. Pre-Wow (4oz.) cleans and prepares the plastic of old polish and wax residue for the Black Wow finishing gel. The Black Wow system will yield results that far exceed any other plastic dressing both in terms of value for your money and durability.
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Black Wow Classic Retails for US$29.95 in a 4 fl oz. bottle.
UPDATED 12/1/2010
For best results, thoroughly clean trim before applying Black Wow, and perform the first application before washing your car, ideally the day before. Remember, a little goes a LONG way and the best results come from letting Black Wow penetrate the plastic. Size does matter!

Apply a sesame seed sized amount to the applicator pad and massage it into your trim. You will see an immediate improvement in darkness and uniformity in tone. Continue to spread this out. More is NOT better with Black Wow. Always work with sesame seed or pea sized amounts. The final look should be matte, not glossy and wet. There is no need to let BW dry or cure but it is important for BW to absorb. For the most durability, thoroughly clean the trim of all previous products using Pre-Wow, then leave BW to absorb instead of removing any excess. Lastly, wash the next day or later. If you immediately remove any excess with a lint free towel or proceed to wash the car, BW may not have the most durability.

CAUTION: In the early days of Black Wow, we cautioned users from getting it on the paint because we knew that it would take some effort to clean it off. For some reason, people got the idea that BW was BAD for paint instead! For the record, Black Wow is safe for your paint, glass, plastic, rubber and pretty much all surfaces. To keep things clean, use our Trim Masking card or clean up with Pre-Wow.

Black Wow Official Instructions

1. Remove all traces of previous products including wax/polish residue using Pre-Wow. Fully remove PW using dish soap.

2. Work pea sized drops into material giving it time to fully absorb. Schedule this process before your next car wash.

TIPS: Some plastics need heavier coats
Smooth plastics take longer to absorb, apply in heavier coats and leave for several days.
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Notes from the inventor:
Creating a product that would restore old faded trim quickly and easily was one challenge. But it wasn't enough to just make a product that improved the look considerably. It had to make the process easier, thus the decision to include cleaners to remove old polish and wax was made. Looking at the competition, another challenge I faced was improving the durability! Manufacturers want you to keep buying product! So developing a super long lasting product isn't in their best interest. So whether it's a car wash, rain storm, or just time, most protectants on the market just don't last very long. As a professional paint polisher, I want my work to look its best for as long as possible! Finally, Black Wow is super concentrated. You only need enough to "quench" it's thirst.
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